Kataros connects large organizations and government agencies with the supplies and services they need in order to achieve their missions. We do so in a sustainable way that puts the bulk of procurement dollars in the areas needed most to benefit the most people possible. We aim to have the maximum possible impact.

Our goal is to identify and source locally available products that meet and exceed the needs of any requesting agency. By buying locally the income used for procurement benefits the local communities, provide jobs, supports families, and in general terms creates a sustainable ecosystem between buyers, vendors, and local labor who makes all the products.

Kataros started as a go-to source of information and products related to clean air and sanitization products. Kataros is the stylized company name coming from the Greek word, καθαρος, or Katharos, meaning clean, pure, and clear. The company has since pivoted to support ALL procurement needs, and do so in a clear, transparent way that yields the best possible outcomes for buyers and vendors.

We are committed to serving our clients as well as those vendors we support with best-in-class customer service. In further support of our corporate mission, Kataros donates 25% of net profit to Direct Action Aid, our partner non-profit, nongovernmental organization (NGO) committed to providing humanitarian assistance to those in need. Check them out at www.directactionaid.org.