Who is Kataros

Kataros is the stylized company name coming from the Greek word, καθαρος, or Katharos, meaning clean, pure and clear. Our goal is to serve households, hospitals, offices, and industry with the most technologically advanced purification and sanitization equipment and products, ensuring the health and wellbeing of all who live or work in those locations.

What We Do

We work with developers, designers, and manufacturers globally to identify and source the best products to offer to our customers. We aim to offer industry best customer service for all our products or services. We established Kataros with clear and concise mission, vision, and values to ensure that our objectives are and remain our primary focus.

What We Do!

I’m passionate about clean air, clean water, and healthy living. Having a household with young children makes a clean environment even more important. We use a number of home sanitizing and purification devices, including UV lights and filters, and these have dramatically improved our breathing and reduced allergic reactions to household contaminants and allergens.
We’re always looking for products or services that are going to further improve air and water quality and sanitization. I started Kataros to help others improve their environments, home, office, retail, restaurants, hospitals, government facilities, industrial, and anywhere else. By taking advantage of new technology I am confident that we can improve our collective health and enjoy better lives.
Stay healthy!

David Gatchell

How we do this !

Product Development

Design, develop and provide leading products and services that purify air, sanitize surfaces, and improve health and quality of life

Public Awareness

Drive public awareness of health risks and threats, providing solutions whenever available

Content Sharing

Develop and publicly share relevant content on devices and practices leading to clean and pure living

Value of Product

Add value to all products and services we offer to our customers

Affordable Pricing

Offer most economical pricing possible, allowing everyone access to life improving products

Our Mission

We established Kataros with clear and concise mission to ensure people live clean and pure lives using technology.


Key values as we reach towards our vision include: Excellence, Leading edge, Diversity & Service to all


Kataros envisions a world where our homes and workplaces are safe havens, free of germs and contaminants, allowing us all to live our most clean, pure, healthy and free lives.


Our performance, services, and products are highly appreciated by our customers, generating strong reviews and repeat business


Stay on the forefront of new developments, taking risks where necessary, to identify and implement new ways to improve lives


Use leading technology to develop the most effective and affordable products


Continually prove out technology usefulness by measuring contamination and results of mitigation, purification, sanitization effort.


Positively contribute towards Sustainable Development Goals for Health


Widespread distribution