Mission, Vision and Values

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Our mission is to create win-win procurement opportunities between buyers and vendors where buyers receive excellent products and services while also making a positive contribution to the geographies where the items are needed, and where they are produced. This is sustainable procurement.

According to the Government Accountability Office (GAO) in 2020 the United States Government alone spent more than $665 Billion on procurement contracts. Much of this budget goes to the massive corporations, the billion dollar companies with the billion dollar CEOs. Good for them for having such a successful enterprise. However, oftentimes their focus is exclusively on growing their profit margins and pleasing their board of directors. We offer an alternate approach to institutional buyers, one that supports local and small businesses, and thereby directs some of those procurement dollars into the hands of the communities that need them most. This helps communities and countries in conflict or actively at war as well as those struggling with poverty and other social problems. Kataros envisions a world where we ALL have the opportunity to live our most healthy and free lives.

We maintain strong core values that dictate how with engage with clients, vendors, our team members, and the world in general:
Excellence – its got to be done well
Global – no borders
Impact – taking action and positively changing lives